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Do you stock ombre/balayage extensions?Updated a year ago

Ready to rock that ombre or balayage look? 🎨💁‍♀️ We've got some seriously awesome root stretch/mixed shades just waiting for you to slay! 🔥✨

Check out these fabulous shades: R#6/16, R#8/22, R#18/60 & R8#M18/6 - they'll give you that perfect ombre-like effect you've been dreaming of! And guess what? You can find these beauties in 18" across all our hair extension methods! 😍🌈 

Not feeling the root stretch shades? No worries, gorgeous! Our hair geniuses have another trick up their sleeves! You can absolutely blend multiple colours together for that stunning ombre/balayage look! If you need some more personalized advice, just give us a shout - we've got you covered! 🌟💕

And don't forget to check out our fabulous colour chart right here it's like a treasure trove of hair dreams waiting for you!

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