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I can't find the product/colour/length I'm looking for?Updated a year ago

We've got some seriously stunning hair extensions just waiting for you! But just a heads up - not all lengths and colours are available in every range. 😊💕

If you don't spot a certain colour or length on the product page, it usually means we don't have it in that particular combo. But no worries! We've got plenty of other fabulous options to choose from!

Oh, and sometimes you might notice a missing item on our website. It could mean it's either discontinued or out of stock. But we're always updating our stock, so stay tuned for fresh arrivals! 🌟🛍️

If you have any questions about our stock or anything else, we're all ears! Chat with us live, shoot us an email right here, or give us a ring at 020 8191 8555. We're here to make sure you find the perfect match! 💖📞

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