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Why is my colour is different from last time?Updated a year ago

Since our hair is handcrafted and made with oodles of care, it's possible that slight, barely noticeable colour differences may pop up from batch to batch. But don't fret, babe! We put all our hair through rigorous testing to make sure those colours stay as close to our colour ring as possible! 🌈🌟

But hey, we want you to be over the moon with your hair transformation! Before you rock those locks, take a moment to check out the extensions. Make sure you're happy with both the colour and the quality - it's your hair kingdom, after all! If anything doesn't spark joy, we've got you covered with our hassle-free refund policy for unused goods returned to us. 👑💕

For all the deets, check out our returns FAQ here!

If you've got any more questions or concerns, we're just a magical message away! ✨📞

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