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Our HairUpdated a year ago

Our hair is of Indian origin, and we work closely with a factory that sources hair directly from the women themselves. This is to ensure that the women are paid fairly and that their donations are of their own choosing. It is for this reason that we do not list our hair as “temple” hair, and is also the reason we steer away from the traditional grading system that exists in the industry. With the hair market so highly saturated with sellers, it was important to us that rather than aligning with the status quo of the industry in terms of “temple hair” and “AAA grade hair” having the widest representation in the marketplace, we wanted to look inwards at the practice of the factory we work with directly, in order to understand how they source and process hair, whilst maintaining standards throughout their own supply chain, right through to their workers. We source directly from women who voluntarily donate their hair, and are paid for their donation.

We have an entire page dedicated to different aspects of the hair sourcing process which you may find helpful, and we have listed this below for you -

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