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PaymentsUpdated a year ago

Which payment types do you accept?

We've got some fantastic options for you to check out with ease! 🛒💃

Currently, our express checkout lineup includes Shop Pay, Paypal, Klarna, and Google Pay. How awesome is that?

But that's not all, because we're all about convenience, we accept almost all cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. So, feel free to pick your fave and shop away!

Do you offer a 'buy now pay later' option? 

That thing you're eyeing is totally available through our Shop Pay option or Klarna. How fantastic is that?

So go ahead, treat yourself and choose the way that suits you best. It's all about making your shopping experience a breeze!

Why am I having issues at checkout? 

Having some checkout hiccups? No worries at all! We're here to help you get through this in a breeze! 🛍️💕

We recommend giving these steps a whirl to resolve the pesky issue:

Double-check that you've entered the correct billing address for the card you're using. It's all about those little details!

Make sure the card details you've entered are spot-on. Accuracy is the key!

Give it a little refresh or try using a different browser or device. Sometimes a quick change does the trick!

Feeling adventurous? Try a different payment method, just to mix things up!

If you've given these steps your best shot and the issue still persists, don't you worry, we've got your back! Just reach out to us right here, and we'll be your checkout superheroes! 💪😊

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