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Faulty ProductsUpdated a year ago

If you have received a product that you believe to be faulty, you will need to complete a faulty product claim form.  Once you submit your claim form, the item will need to be returned to our returns department for full assessment.  For our faulty claim procedure to take place we will require the return of all items relating to the claim, at which point an assessment will take place.  We aim to complete our assessment within a 14 working day period and will contact you with our findings once complete.

Please be aware that all claims must be filed within 1 month of the purchase date. Claims after this period will not be accepted.

It is essential that the goods relating to the claim are returned to us within 7 working days of the claim submission, and until the goods are received the process cannot begin.

Please be aware that if your faulty product claim is in relation to hair purchased, we are only able to accept the item back as a claim if our aftercare products have been purchased in the same order as the hair in question to ensure the correct products have been used as part of the maintenance and upkeep of the product.

If a fault is found with the hair, only the cost of the hair will be refunded or exchanged at the discretion of SimplyHair, and no further costs reimbursed. SimplyHair cannot accept responsibility for any consequential losses.

To make a claim, please email contact us here to request a claim form.

Please be aware that for a claim to be processed, there must be a reasonable reason for the return, as hair extensions are a perishable item that will change over time.  We would recommend the purchase of our own aftercare products at the time of the purchase to help support your claim.  Please be aware that if hair extensions have been exposed to unfavourable conditions, such as chlorine, seawater, or cosmetic treatments that may have affected the hair extensions your claim may not be able to be processed.

Hair extensions are a human product, and therefore no 2 sets of hair extensions can ever be fully identical.  Hair extensions require a great deal of care to ensure they remain in an “as-new” condition, and we have a wealth of guides and advice to help you care for your hair extensions correctly.  Please click here.

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