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Time Sensitive FittingsUpdated a year ago

Whilst we appreciate that hair extensions are often fitted for a special occasion and/or event, SimplyHair cannot be held liable for any decisions made in relation to such occasions.  We strongly suggest that you allow enough time between the purchase of your hair extensions and the fitting date to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, such as delays in transit.

If the item you have received is not as expected, or you wish to make an exchange or refund, allowing enough time between the purchase of your hair extensions and the event in question will allow a reasonable amount of time in order for us to resolve this for you.

Should you receive an item you would like to exchange or refund, however, based on your event you choose to go ahead with the fitting, e.g. you have in error received the incorrect fitting type, but are due to go on holiday and choose to fit the hair extensions despite receiving the wrong item, SimplyHair cannot be held responsible for this decision, and this relinquishes SimplyHair’s responsibility to offer a refund or exchange.

In the rare event that a fault is observed before fitting, or you are unhappy with the hair extensions, the same would apply.

Should you wish to return your hair extensions for an exchange or refund, we have a very quick and easy process to allow you to do this.

SimplyHair has an incredibly low error rate, however from time to time circumstances such as the above can naturally occur, and therefore we request that all users of SimplyHair acknowledge this before proceeding with a fitting.

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